Kevin Shahan, Probate Specialist

Kevin Shahan embodies integrity, energy and hard work in every detail of your real estate transaction. Kevin is a native Tulsan and graduate of Oklahoma State University.

At a difficult time when families should be mourning a loss, they may instead be forced to deal with the often complex probate process and a tangle of red tape.

Kevin experienced the probate process first-hand when handling his father’s estate several years ago. He dealt with all of the stress that comes with it, and wants to help other families going through what he went through.

As Tulsa’s respected experts in inherited property sales, Kevin & his team can alleviate some of the stress by painlessly selling the real estate portion of the estate.

Other than an attorney, your most valuable resource will be a real estate team that is trained and experienced in the intricate details of probate and inherited property sales. We can help ensure that nothing falls through the cracks in the sale of your estate home.

Kevin Shahan

REALTOR® and Probate Expert